Magic Mana Coasters - MTG - Card Game - Red - Blue - White - Black - Red - Counter Spell - Never Play Mono Red

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Do you love Magic the Gathering? Hate Counter Spell? Do I have a product for you!

Get a lovely set of mana to tap to your hearts content.

Now you can have a magic themed coaster to put your drink! You know will need that drink after your cards all get countered, anyone who plays mono blue is going to hell, just let me play my damn cards.... Jeremy. >_>

If you happen to need enough of these coasters to play real MTG with them, let me know and we can sort out a price.

Made from the highest quality cork.

Each coaster is about (90mm) 3.5 inch, a standard coaster size.

Ideal present for yourself, your enemies, or a lucky person in your life who deserves a unique treasure.

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For large or custom orders, feel free to reach out!